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This website provides a list of airworthiness directives (ADs), which are known to Transport Canada (TC) to be applicable to Canadian registered aircraft, and to the engines, propellers and equipment installed on them.

Aircraft owners and maintainers can be assured that this is the most comprehensive publicly available source of such information.

Additionally, TC forwards notification of all new airworthiness directives to the affected Canadian owners.

To preclude operation of an aircraft in an unairworthy condition, owners of Canadian registered aircraft should also ensure that they receive all available continuing airworthiness information directly from the manufacturer.

TC endeavours to keep this website current. However, the arrival of recently imported aeronautical products, Web posting process, etc., may result in minor delays to the information being posted.

If in doubt about the existence or applicability of any AD, please consult your local TC Inspector, or TC Aircraft Certification, Continuing Airworthiness Division in Ottawa (