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You have attempted to view a Foreign Airworthiness Directive issued by Transport Canada that is not available for public view. The reason for this may be attributed to one of the following:

  1. The AD has been issued to owners but not as yet posted to our Web page. You will note the following symbol '' beside the AD Number field, which denotes an available file. or
  2. The AD has been Superseded by a Canadian AD and identified as such within the application AD 'Subject' field. The original foreign AD document is no longer applicable to Canadian registered products and therefore not available. or
  3. Transport Canada may determine that the particulars contained within the Foreign AD, which would otherwise be applicable to aircraft currently registered in Canada, do not meet our requirements. In cases like these, Transport Canada will not issue the AD to the persons legally responsible for the affected products and a statement such as; "AD NOT EFFECTIVE TO CANADIAN OWNERS AND OPERATORS" is identified within the application AD 'Subject' field. or
  4. The condition referenced to in the Canadian Aviation Regulations Standard (CAR) 625 Appendix H, “Airworthiness Directives”, applies. Example: the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the United Kingdom, until 15 July 2003, issued an AD number only as a reference in a book, CAP476, which listed the mandatory service publications. This mandatory service publication is considered equivalent to an AD.

Transport Canada endeavors to provide a listing of all Domestic and Foreign Airworthiness Directives (ADs) that Transport Canada has determined applicable to aircraft currently registered in Canada and additionally; Equipment ADs that Transport Canada has been provided or are known to exist. A link to these AD documents is also provided.

A historical listing of all Canadian (CF) ADs issued can be obtained by entering 'CF-' into the Quick Search box of the AD Record List page.

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